Truck Tarpaulins

Truck, Camion, van behind the closure is used on them.Available in different color options and digital printing tarpaulin.Woven fabrics of high tenacity polyester yarn coated with PVC on the above as an optional matte or gloss acrylic-based lacquer and 150 cm, 170 cm. width, 650 g/m2, 680 g/m2 and 900 g/m2 weights are manufactured as standard.

Product Information

Area Of Usage : Truck, Camion, van, Trailer and Pick-Up vb.dorse coverings is used.

Product References :

- P-100 CX: 650gr/m2, 150/170 cm width, bright, Various colors ..

- P-100 CX / MAT: 650gr/m2, 150/170 cm width, Mat, Various colors ..

- P-100 BX / PL: 670gr/m2, 150/170 cm width, gloss lacquered, various colors ..

- P-100 AX / ML-H: 700gr/m2, 150 cm width, matt lacquered, flame proof, Khaki, yellow T.

- P-200 AX / PL: 900gr/m2, 150 cm width, gloss lacquered, Panama, various colors ..

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