Tarpaulins Advertising

Frontlit [Front Illuminated], Backlit [Lit] and Blackout [opaque] Digital and Screen Tents as well as our company has produced for the first time that metallic [Shining Tarpaulin ] and transparent [Color Backlit] are produced. High-tenacity yarn 380 g/m2 - 500 g/m2 - 550 g/m2 - 650 g/m2 weights from 140 to 150 - 170 cm widths Screen Printing and Digital Printing available: 1 -] Frontlit [Front Illuminated] 2 -] Backlit [Lit] 3 -] Blackout [Opaque] 4 -] Transparency [Color Backlit] 5 -] Metallic [metallic / Shining Frontlit] are produced.

Product Information

Area Of Usage : Digital prints, the prints, screen printing, signs, promotional campaigns, Trade Organizations, illuminated signs, prints Exterior, Interior prints, Rool-up and stands, Shop and Market applications etc.

Reference Production:

Screen Print :

SRG-I: 380 g/m2, 140 cm width, semi-matte, White

SRG-II: 550 g/m2, 150 cm width, semi-matte, White

SRG / BO-III: 450 g / mr, 140 cm width, Blackout, White / Black

Digital Print :

DIG / FR-I-ML: 400gr/m2, 150 cm width, Matte White, Frontlit

DIG / FR-II-ML: 550gr/m2, 150 cm width, Matte White, Frontlit

DIG / BO-III: 650gr/m2, 150cm width, Matte White, Blackout

DIG / TRP-BK: 500gr/m2, 150 cm width, color (White, Yellow, Orange, Red, A. Green) FrontlitTransparent

DIG / MET-FR: 500 g/m2, 150cm width, color (Mother of Pearl, Gold, Green, Blue) MetallicFrontlit

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