Inflatable Products

Inflatable Playgrounds, Soft Play Game Groups, road teams, Place Balloons, Advertising and Promotional products.Air Pressure and resistant to external influences of various bright colors, clear, matte, transparent, and are manufactured in metal. Woven fabrics of high tenacity polyester yarn coated with PVC is produced on.Request or as required by coating with a lacquer finish matt or gloss acrylic 150 cm. ultimately, 450gr/m2, 600 g/m2, 650 g/m2, manufactured as standard weights.

Product Information

Area Of Usage   : Inflatable Playgrounds, Soft Play playgrounds, road arches, Place balloons,

Advertising, Promotion, etc. products

Production Reference        :

-P-45 AX-Y: 450gr/m2, 140cm width, does not catch fire, various colors

- P-50 AX / MET-Y: 500 g/m2, 150cm width, is fire resistant, metallic color, Gloss Laklı

- P-50 AX / TRP-Y: 500gr/m2, 150 cm width, is fire resistant, transparent, glossy matte

- P-100 CX / Y: 620gr/m2, 150cm width, is fire resistant, Bright, various colors

- P-100-CX / MATH-A: 620gr/m2, 150 cm width, is fire resistant, matte, various colors

- P-100 BX / PL-Y: 650gr/m2, 150 cm width, is fire resistant, gloss lacquered, various colors

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