Pool Cover Tarpaulins

The purpose of these products are produced with them in the cover pool is available in many color options. As a generally flat cover over the pool with color options as a UV-resistant and anti-bacterial 150 cm. wide 600 g/m2 - 900 g/m2 in weight opaque (Blackout) are manufactured with a choice.

Product Information

Area  Of Usage: All kinds of pools, ponds, pools are used as the outer cover.

Reference Production :


- P-100 CX:650gr/m2, 150 cm width, UV ’li, antibacterial, Blue


- P-100 CX / PL:650gr/m2, 150cm width, UV ’li, antibacterial, blue, lacquered (dirty)

- P-100 CX / PL-BO:850gr/m2, 150cm width, UV ’li, antibacterial, blue, lacquered, Blackout

- P-200 AX:900gr/m2, 150cm width, UV ’li, antibacterial, Blue



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