About Ourselves

Hakteks Hakkımızda

After having been involved in activities within the textile sector as a family business for over fifty years, our group from 1982 onwards has decided to specialize in the production and marketing of industrial textile and fabric tarpaulin as HAKTEKS.

Having achieved expertise within this field, Hakteks has ventured into the production of artificial leather in 1997 and continues its artificial leather activities to this day. Our group gives utmost importance to research and development and utilizes its immense background to gain knowledge and ability so as to be able to develop and put forth our products in line with the demands of our market users.

Our products are branded as MZM both with and international markets. Our company possesses the ISO 90001-2008 quality managements certificates and our products have the TSE qualtiy certificates.

Our group has the capacity to produce yearly 9.000.0000 m2 weaving, 9.000.000 m2 pvc coated polyster tarpaulin, 10.000.000 m2 artificial leather using its finisaj and Ar-ge units to weave, direct coating, tranfer coating, emboss etc etc. morevover, if demanded, we can offer an different service of processing a proportion of our products so as to make them “off the peg”

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