Boat Cover Tarpaulins

Yachts and boats, winter and summer closures of various colors, quality and are manufactured in various specifications. High tenacity polyester yarn woven in a surface or both surfaces with PVC-coated, via a special UV, matt lacquered, does not catch fire as an antibacterial Sea Water-resistant, lightweight surface covered with fabric cover, two-side coated fabric cover and the outer covering of a surface of the fabric-covered winter as 150 cm. wide and 300 g/m2 to 480 g/m2 is manufactured as a standard of weights.

Product Information

Area Of Usage   : All kinds of Yachts, Boats, Boat and marine vehicles used for shading of the closure..

Reference Production    :

- P-25 BX/1ML: 300gr/m2, 150cm width, Matt, is fire resistant, 1 surface-coated (light canopy cover)

- P-25 BX/2ML: 430gr/m2, 150cm width, Matt, is fire resistant, 2 side coated (canopy cover)

- P-100 CX/1ML: 480gr/m2, 150cm width, Matt, is fire resistant, 1-coated surface (the outer covering of winter)

- NW - SN / GP: 480gr/m2, 140cm width, Glossy, Silver, NW, 1 surface-coated (winter outer cover)

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