Architectural Tarpaulin

Architectural membrane structures, high UV resistance.Flame the attribute, an optional opaque (Blackout), white, front and rear surfaces of different colors (Blue / Cream, Dark Red / Cream, Green / Cream, Metallic Silver / White), matte and glossy as the various weight and specifications are produced. High tenacity polyester yarn, woven fabric coated with PVC, UV stabilized, flame, anti-bacterial, two special dirt surface with acrylic lacquer-coated 150 cm. are manufactured in standard widths ..

Product Information

Area Of Usage : Architectural Tents, Military Tents, Circus Tents, Party Tents,

Suspended Tension Membrane Structures, industrial warehouses, aircraft hangars etc.

Reference Production :

-Type I: 700 g/m2, UV ’li, flame, anti-bacterial, (dirty),

Anti-oxidant, White

-Type II: 900 g/m2, UV ’li, flame, anti-bacterial, (dirty),

Anti-oxidant, Panama, White

-P-100 CX / PL-BO: 750 g/m2, UV ’li, flame, anti-bacterial, BRIGHT (dirty),

Anti-oxidant, Blackout, White, Two-color (Cream / Mother of Pearl, A.Gri / K.Gri,


Metallic Silver / White, Maroon / Beige, Navy Blue / Beige, Green / Beige)

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